Nis-Edwin List-Petersen


since 1975
Compositions of religious songs in documentations, song books, choir and tape treatments,i.a. with the publishing houses Strube (Munich), Haenssler (Stuttgart), Singende Gemeinde (Wuppertal), Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag (Fulda) and the tvd Verlag (Düsseldorf), member of the author and composers group TAKT
LP "Wir steh'n auf dünner Erdenhaut"
LP and MC "Herr, deine Liebe ist wie Gras und Ufer"
1987 and
1987 und 1989 songs on LP, MC and CD des Kirchentages
since 1981
Contributions in radio and television broadcasts, i.a. creation of the musical appearances of the start of Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag 1987 / Frankfurt and 1991 / Ruhrgebiet in ZDF (Second Channel of German Television) as well as the conclusion service Munich 1993 in ARD (pool of broadcasting corporations) with the musicgroup dektonium
1989 premiere Blues Cantata and Musical "Utopia"
CD and MC "Wasser – Quellen des Lebens" (tvd Verlag)
Choir booklet "Nun schließt der Bogen sich zum Kreis"
1999 – 2006
Conductor of Sønderborg Gospel Choir
since 2000
Manager and conductor of Christmasconcert of the borderland
2007 – 2021
Conductor of Aabenraa Shantykor
World premiere 275th Anniversary march of the Aabenraa Skyttelaug.
since 2018
Musical Director of Coro Ecumenico, Gran Canaria